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Avoid these things to keep your breasts young, healthier and perky.

How to keep breasts looking young and perky? Some think the answer is wearing a bra 24/7. Others claim the wrong bra keeps women boobs down.

Some women are blessed with breasts that seem perpetually perky. Others, like me, are not so lucky. But we have gather some tips that help to pushed my boobs further south, before their time .

1. Make use of oils that suit your skin. Oil penetrate skin - deep to nourish and heal skin tissues. For firmer and healthier breasts. No doubt, there are surgical solution for bigger and firmer breasts. But why spend a fortune when essential oils can do the trick for you naturally? Give these oil a try, and you are bound to notice a change soon enough. Example of these types of oils are Emu oil and olive oil.

2. Excess sun damage skin, especially the delicate area of the neck and decolletage. The skin gets thinner and there is no way to reverse the harm done, so remember to wear sunscreen.

3. Don't smoke. Smoking cigarettes reduces blood flow and oxygen to the skin. Tobacco damages skin collagen and elastic, which leads to premature wrinkling and sagging. It can also add years to your body and your boobs.

4. Don't drink excess alcohol. Alcohol dries out skin and hair, and can make your breasts feel heavy and bloated.

5. Make use of bras. Do make bras work for you, it play a vital role, it reduces breasts pain especially when exercising. The right bra can change how your clothes flit. The key is to find styles and brands that meet your boob needs.

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