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Avoid Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears And Start Using These 6 Simple Tips

Avoid Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears And Start Using These 6 Simple Tips.

Almost everybody in these world uses cotton swabs to clean their ears, whereas cotton bud's disadvantages are more than it's advantages. When using cotton buds to clean the ears the wax sits up against the ear drums and this may cause hearing problems.

However, the ear wax helps to lubricate the ear and makes it to functioning properly.

Also ears are pretty good at cleaning themselves on their own. But if you are feeling uncomfortable with it you can remove it with the following tips.

The following are the ways to can remove your ear wax easily.

1. Apply olive oil.

Olive oil helps to remove the ear wax easily. Procedure: add two or three drops of olive oil to your ear. This will soften the ear wax and makes it comes out easily. You can repeat this once in a week.

2. Add Some Hydrogen Peroxide.


i. Lie down on your side.

ii. squeeze a few drops of hydrogen peroxide into your sky-facing ear.

iii. If it's giving out fizzing and popping noises, this means that it's working.

iv. Leave it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

v. After that tilt your head into the bowl to drain the solution and the wax from your ears.

Repeat this procedure to your other ears.

3. Try The Finger And Tissue Tip.


i. Cover your prinky finger with a tissue.

ii. And wiggle out the wax gently.

Avoid jamming of tissues into your ears.

4. Use a Special Tool .

Use a ear Oto, it rotates gently within the ear and looses the wax gently. It also prevents the ears from damaging.

5. Use a Earwax Drops.

This earwax drops helps to remove the ear wax gently. It's available in all pharmacy.

6. Consult Your Doctor.

If your ears are giving you more problems try to consult your doctor.

Those are the best ways to remove ear wax easily. Like, comment and share this article.

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