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Trend: Top Colours In Men's Fashion 2021

The year 2021 fashion trend seems to have come, strongly accompanied by liveliness to replace the gloom that the world experienced during the lockdown in the previous year.

The big brands in the fashion industry seemed to have quietly resolved to bring back life and brightness into the world through fashion with the display of colours that took over the runways at different fashion shows which took place earlier in the year. 

The result of this is clear as the fashion industry is now saturated with a pop of colour in each outfit.

1. Pastel

The pastel colour which symbolizes openness, relaxation and neutrality is a colour that is believed to bring sanity and calm into a space. This may explain why designers Prada, Jil Sanders among others designed their collection in this colour. The colour can be incorporated in daily style with a dark colour as the main theme depending on what occasion you're dressing up for.

2. Purple

Seen more in Raf Simons, Prada, Gucci and Dior's collections of shirts and jackets, the purple colour symbolizes luxury, royalty, spirituality and imagination and usually stands out in any outfit, giving the wearer a true sense of royalty and supremacy. The colour purple can be a main piece of clothing accentuated with a yellow or grey accessory or complement outfit.

3. Yellow

Yellow is a colour of happiness, optimism, strength, zest. It is seen in the Dior, Raf Simon and A-Cold-Wall and has been declared the colour of the year. It can be styled as main pieces like over jackets, shirts and cardigans, and even agbadas. 

4. Red

Red is a colour of motivation, passion and energy and can be a beautiful monochrome outfit or a complementary outfit of trousers or tops. Wearing it as plain colour or in checks can give an intense but classy look. 

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