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Pregnancy period

Common skin conditions that occur during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes numerous changes and the skin can undergo a variety of obvious changes as a result of massive changes both within and externally.

Photo Credit: Medical news today

The surge of hormones affects your skin, in addition to the obvious changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. However, if you start noticing the changes in your skin, there is no reason for alarm because the majority of skin issues that develop during pregnancy will go away once your baby is born.

Here are common skin conditions that occur during pregnancy

1 Hyperpigmentation

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This is a condition where an increase in melanin causes the darkening of the skin. This occurs because during pregnancy your body produces more melanin.

2 Skin tags

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A skin tag is a tiny flap of tissue with a stalk that hangs from your skin. Skin tags are noncancerous and are commonly found on the neck, chest, back, under the breasts, and in the groin. They're common in pregnant women and normally don't hurt unless they rub against something.

3 Stretch Marks 

Photo Credit: Medical news today

As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus expands in other to create room for the baby and this can cause the skin to stretch. This causes stretch marks to appear on the skin near the abdomen and breast regions as a result of this stretching.

4 Melasma

Photo Credit: Healthline

Melasma is a disorder that appears on the face as dark splotchy blotches and is a symptom of facial skin changes that occur during pregnancy. These dots mostly appear on the cheeks and forehead and they are a sign that your skin is becoming more pigmented.

5 Pimples and Acne

Photo Credit: Netmums

Due to the rise in hormones, women who already have acne problems may see their condition worsen during pregnancy. The rise in hormones will trigger oil-secreting glands in your body to increase the amount of oil they produce into the body and this can result in a lot of breakouts.

6 Varicose Veins

Photo Credit: BabyCentre

The body tries to compensate for the increased blood that travels to the baby during pregnancy by forming these inflamed blue veins. They are most commonly found on the legs and can be extremely painful and inconvenient.

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