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Styling Your Baby hair

Nowadays people don’t just go out without looking in the mirror, don’t worry about your age. There’s no actual age mandated for you to look your best. Even the men have their hairline straightened out after a haircut noticeably before they go out.

Your hairline looks more beautiful when they are properly styled. Sometimes we have a hard time getting our hair done but the finishing is worth the stress.

Several People have asked me a couple of times how to easily the baby hair is done especially when you have to rush out of the house or in case of urgent care.

The fastest way is to sprinkle some water and add gel to your edges, brush down with your hand or style with a baby comb. For a better and lasting effect, do it after a shower, brush out your edges with a toothbrush, add edge control as you part the hair in any side that you want, (you can use any hair control of your choice) hold them down with a piece of clothing that you can tie back before dressing up or applying your makeup.

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