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Yoruba fashions had gone behind imagination; See adorable picture of Yoruba couples in their attires

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Yoruba outfits for men consist of four piece attire, the Sokoto ( a pair of loosely fitted trouser), the Buna, the agbada (a massive wide sleeve, wide shoulder flowing robe), and his fila (hat). While the women outfits consist of Leo(wrapper), Buba(the top) and gele (a matching head gear).

They also add a shawl (ipele / iborun) always on the shoulder but for men they are found with irukele made from horse or cow tail.

It's not also surprisingly that modernization had made the Yorubas to think beyond their imagination where people uses clothes like shorts, shirts, trousers and skirts, browse and suit.

With this you can easily find most Yorubas using their traditional clothes to look like that of the European.

Below are some pictures of Yoruba couples in their attires.

Aren't Nigerians fashionable because most said they are not.

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Buba( Buna Leo( Sokoto Yoruba


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