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Have you ever wondered why this pocket is in every jean trouser. Find out

We must have noticed a tiny pocket on top of our denim trousers, and have wondered why this top pocket is present in every jean fabric, and also how best you can put this pocket into use, so on this article we take a closer look on why, where and when this design came about.


It turns out that small pocket on the top right side your jeans was originally created, wait for it ... A WATCH. ... Those original copper-riveted jeans had a tiny pocket to hold small pocket watches for working men, from carpenters and miners to railroad engineers. And the design stuck ever since!


The design started with The Levi's denim clothing line and was initially made for cowboys to keep their watch. Most especially for the Dallas cowboys (not football club) in the US


The design started as far back as the 1800's during the cowboys era, when postal men rode horses over long distances to deliver letters.


Other uses of these pocket includes keeping of coin, condom, matchbox and tickets to mention a few.

You can tell us what you first thought this pocket was used for in the comment session. Also ensure to follow for more intriguing facts

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