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Meet The 26-Year-Old Man Who Wears Female Outfit (Photos)

A 26-year-old man identified as Connor Keaney is from Kings Norton, UK and he is known for his outstanding fashion sense as he believes that clothes don't have gender.

In our world today, there are clothes meant for men and there are clothes meant for women, unlike the olden days when everyone wears garment outfits and wrappers. In these modern days, both men and women dress fashionable, clothing styles like trousers, shirts, blouses, gown, skirts, e.t.c are been worn by people.

Narrating the story of Connor Keaney, he used to dress like his fellow men before deciding to purchase a female outfit. When he first purchased a female outfit, he narrated that he believed that it was meant for him. He wore the female outfit and ignored what people say about him. His fashion sense changed all of a sudden and this made him stand out from the crowd.

Connor Keaney revealed that his mother has always been so supportive of him. He normally asks his mother about the clothes to wear whenever he wants to leave the house.

The crossdresser advised people to chose their style and go on with it. He also advised that people should be themselves and avoid looking at the internet.

Check out some of the photos of Connor Keaney;

Connor Keaney went against the rules of fashion and dressed in the way that he has ever wanted to despite what people say about him. He believed that it is alright to wear whatever you want to. This is an example of freedom of expression, Connor Keaney's fashion sense might inspire young people to dress however they want to.

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