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See The Real Reason Why Muslim Women Wear Hijabs And How It Originated (Photos)

It is no news that Muslim women always wear Hijab, and because of this most people especially Non Muslim have been wondering why they wear Hijab or how it originated. You don't need to wonder anymore because in this article, I will reveal the reason why Muslim ladies wear Hijab.

Hijab mainly means covering or partition and it is mostly worn by Muslim women when they are outside their home, or when they are in the presence of males who are not related to them. Most people mostly see veil and Hijab as the same thing but the both of them are very different. Veils can be worn by anyone why Hijab are mostly worn by Muslim women.

Reasons why Muslim wear hijab


To Please God

In Islam it is written in the Koran for women to always dress decent, and cover the sensitive parts of their body and that is why they always wear hijab.


To prevent female exploitations by the males:

We all know that men are drawn to what they see, if a woman dress indecent it is possible for her to get harassed by a male, that is why it is advisable for women to dress Modestly. Muslim women also wear Hijab to cover their body and to avoid harassment from men.


To be judged by worth and not by appearance:

In the olden days people judge people by their character and not their looks, but now things has changed because people now pay more attention to appearance than inner beauty and it is not suppose to be so, that is why Muslim women wear Hijab so that they can be judged by their worth and character, and not by their looks or appearance.


To curb male's personal desires:

Just like I said before men are attracted to women especially when the woman is indecently dressed, men get attracted to the sensitive part of women body especially when they are exposed and that is why it is advisable for women to always dress decent, especially when they are going out or when they are around men who are not related to them. This is one of the reasons why Muslim women wear Hijab.

There are many other reasons, but these 4 are the major ones.

The origin of Hijab has not been fully ascertained but according to reports wearing of Hijab did not begin with Muslim women because in the olden days Hindu, Jewish and Christian women also wore hijab. In some Countries wearing of Hijab is forbidden, from example some Countries in Europe has banned the wearing of Hijab. However some Countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia required in law for women to always wear Hijab in public.

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