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How To Make Nourishing skin cleansing oil At Home

Nourishing skin cleansing oil

1 OZ castor oil

½ OZ grape seed

1 tbsp of wheat germ oil

5 drops of geranium essential oil

Direction: pour oil in a dark glass bottle using a funnel, close the lid, shake well to mix.


Apply with cotton wool or clean finger tips. Gently wipe in a circle from the inner corner of the eyelid towards the hair line. To wipe of the long wearing make-up, saturate a cotton wool and rub gently, then rinse off with a warm water and follow with a foaming cleanser if desired. Store in a tightly closed dark jar.

Lemon grass shower scrub bar

55g of cocoa butter

15g of shea butter

15g of vegetable oil/sun flower/peach kernel, fractionated coconut oil

14g bee wax

1g (approximate drop) lemon grass/essential oil

100g coarse sea salt or Epson salt (can be replaced with sugar if you wish)

Silicone ice cube tray


Weigh the butter, wax and veg. oil

Melt together gently in a bain-marie (water bath or double boiler)

Remove melted from heat

Mix together with salt (essential oil and spoon into the silicone ice cube)

To use

Take one into the shower and gently rub onto the body in circular motion and rinse off. Emerge with silky soft skin.

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