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7 things you should never do to your natural hair if you want it to grow

We all desire to have our hair grow really long and in that pursuit, we tend to get some things wrong without knowing.

Hair growth occurs especially when we braid our hair but as we all know, it's what you do to the hair afterwards that either maintains or breaks the hair growth.

Now let's look at some of the things you should never do to your hair:

1) Heat styling: Using any hot tool on your hair sucks moisture out of your hair strands. In the long run, this can cause split ends. Use a heat protectant if you want to use a heat tool and space how you use it maybe to twice a year.

2) Brushing wet hair: We all know our hair is at the weakest when wet. Combing it then will break our hair strands thereby making us loose hair. At least allow it dry half way before brushing.

3) Towel drying the hair: Regular towels are made with rough fabric that causes friction on the hair. Use a microfiber towel that glides down the hair easily. If you will use regular towels, just dab it on your hair.

4) Washing hair everyday: It's insane to wash the hair everyday. Our scalp produces natural oils which is maintains a shiny and healthy hair. Give spaces between hair washing.

5) Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase: Just like the towel, this can lead to tangled hair. Use a silk pillowcase instead so you don't loose hair strands as you toss and turn while sleeping. This is what a doll pillowcase looks like...

6) Using wrong products: If you notice a hair product is not working for your hair as you would want it to, change it before it causes damage.

7) Brushing: Never brush from the roots down. The right way is to brush from the tips of your hair then work your way up. Doing it this way avoids friction so you don't end using brute Force to break your hair.

And please never use a dirty brush on your hair.

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