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Use of Ginger in Patchy Hair Loss

Alopecia or Hair Loss is a common phenomenon we all observe for ourselves and to our near and dear one in our surrounding. There are many reasons for hair loss ranging from genetics, autoimmune, ageing to fungal infection and many more. In the cases where underlying conditions are treatable, reverting the condition of hair is possible, therefore it is very important to understanding the type and cause of hair loss. 

The Type I am going to discuss with you all is Patchy Hair loss. An exemplary image for the same is below. It is also a kind of alopecia.

Ginger contains about 1-3% of the weight of fresh ginger as volatile substance, primarily consisting of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols. Gingerol has major anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps reduce the auto immune response. Alopecia areata or patchy hair loss is a kind of bodies’ auto immune response where, hair falls, and follicles gets closed and a smooth shiny area develops in form of hair loss patch.

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Ginger Gingerol Patchy


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