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Here are 5 MakeUp Tips To Learn From Ex-BBNaija Housemate Maria Chike Benjamin. (Pics)

Makeup is a good beauty tool, it aims to enhance our natural beauty but when done the wrong way, the result can be embarrassing and funny. You all know might have heard of Maria Chike Benjamin. She came into the limelight after participating in the Big Brother Naija reality show season 6. She is a beautiful biracial lady. Her makeup looks are always on point, lit, flawless, and sleek.

Looking at her makeup photos, I noticed some things that you all can learn from her and achieve a perfect makeup look. Her makeup artist Bibyonce is very competent. She is one of the Nigerian celebrity makeup artists, I admire her talent in making people look beautiful, confident, and sociable.

Here are the tips to learn from Maria's makeup looks;

1. Choose the right color for your makeup kits.

Put your skin tone and eyes color into when consideration when you want to apply makeup. Just like Maria, she uses the right color of foundation, concealers, etc to achieve her look. For example, a dark-skinned person can not use the same foundation as Maria.

2. Foundation before Concealer.

The right way to start your makeup transformation is with a foundation. Start with a layer of it to help reduce any redness, discoloration.

3. Experiment with different eyeliner colors.

For a different look, try out some graphic eyeliners. Dump the usual black one. Don't be scared to try out new colors. Just like Maria in the photos below, she wore purple eyeliner which gave her a new look.

4. Try out smoky cat-eye.

Cat-eye look makes your eyes more expressive and attractive, and also gives you that sexy kinda vibes.

5. Exfoliate your lips.

If you noticed that your lipstick doesn't last or isn't smooth like others? That's because you didn't exfoliate the lips. It is not only the face or body that requires scrubbing, your lips too.

Try exfoliating your lips with a mild lip scrub, this will help remove some dead skin on your lip, giving you smoother, softer, and succulent lips for your lipgloss and lipsticks. Before applying them, also put a little balm, this will make them glossy and long-lasting.

Photos Credit: Instagram @ mariachikeBenjamin and Bibyonce.

Content created and supplied by: Alluringpearl (via Opera News )

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