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5 Ways To Wear Men’s Joggers

All trousers are trendy, but some are more stylish. The key to being fashionable is to know how to switch up from the usual trend. A more comfortable pair of trousers you should have are joggers. They are smart, simple, and don’t look like they will be out of fashion anytime soon. The problem, however, is knowing how to pair them conveniently.

In this guide, we will outline simple ways to pair your joggers.

1. Joggers and long stretchy sleeves

Your joggers will suit you well if you wear a top that can sit comfortably on your hips. You can push the sleeves upward to reflect a more relaxed look. You may also go for short sleeves.

2. Joggers and bomber jackets

Pairing your joggers with a bomber jacket gives you a refined and sporty look. Do well to add a black or white pair of sneakers to enhance your look further.

3. Joggers and button-down/T-shirt

A short-sleeve button-down or a T-shirt is an excellent choice with your joggers. You should go for a simple and cool hue to enhance the casualness of your joggers.

4. Joggers and denim jackets

You can pull up this look in the cold to provide enough warmth. The combination is also suitable for evening parties or club events.

5. Joggers and turtlenecks

Here is another excellent combination to keep you warm during the cold seasons. You can use a bolder color and a light shade to accentuate your style.

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