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Junior Pope Dresses In A Beautiful Pink Gown And Hair Today (Photos)

Sometimes, somethings are done for the fun of it. Catching cruise with life helps to remove stress and lessen some tension. It's really not a big deal to do things that make us happy every once in a while. Life is very short, so says some school of thought, therefore, we must endeavour to live and make the most out of it.

Catching or having fun entails making ourselves happy in certain ways like playing football, hanging out with loved ones, taking a tour, visiting places for vacation, dancing, skating and lots more. At times, we may decide to do something out of the extra ordinary, just like what actor Junior Pope did today, as he dresses in a beautiful pink gown and hair. Funny right?

Yes, it's really funny to see Junior Pope dressed in a female gown and hair, but like I said earlier, life isn't about taking things too seriously. There are times we have to go out of our ways to do things in order to make ourselves happy and also, to put smiles on the faces of others.

Junior Pope is a Nigerian actor known for his excellent performances in the movies that he has starred in. He sometimes takes the lead roles. He literally have the ability to interpret most of the movie roles given to him by movie directors and producers. He is really good at his own game.

Anyone who has a good follow up on Junior Pope would know that he is a person who loves to play, laugh and give out nice content to lighten people's mood. Today, he took to his Instagram handle few minutes ago to share photos where he dresses in a beautiful pink gown and hair. Don't get it twisted here, Junior Pope is not a crossdresser. He probably did that to make people laugh or it could be a movie role which he was working on.

Gowns and hairs as we all know are items worn by the female folks. Gowns can be either short or long and they come in different colours. The same goes for hairs. They all come in different designs and styles too. Gowns can be sewn by a tailor or bought directly from a boutique. Well, all we are concerned about is the fact that Junior Pope was dressed in a beautiful pink gown and a pink hair to match it up. Wherever they came from, we do not know. They may even be his wife's properties, who knows?. Junior Pope actually looks funny in his female outfits or don't you think so?

Pictures credited to Instagram

Content created and supplied by: MyAngel (via Opera News )

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