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10 Essential Item Every Lady Must Have In Her Bag

A lady should be ready at all times, for anything, anyone and any situation, so never leave the house without these essential items in your handbag.

1. Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere you go and to keep a lady healthy and free from disease, ladies you need a sanitizer whatever your brand is you can get a pocket-sized container and you are good to face the world.

2. Tissue 

This one very important, every lady should have a pocket tissue in her handbag, you might need to pee, or blow your nose. Is really un-ladylike to be asking of tissues from another person, when is something you should have every time in your bags.

3. Pads or Tampons 

Even if your august visitor won’t be showing itself, you might need to save another lady somewhere in distress. 

4. Hand cream 

Sometimes this comes very handily after using the restroom you might need to re-moisturize your hands again especially during the dry season.

5. A pen 

Yes, a pen you never know when you might need to take a note of something you wouldn’t like to forget so always keep a pen in your bag.

6. Mints 

That feeling of eating your favorite meal of African salad, the plenty onions or anything with ginger or garlic, and then your breath goes sour, a mint will fix it. 

7. Perfume

Who wouldn’t be attracted to a lady that smells good 24 hours round the clock, even if you have to stay out late, having a pocket-sized version of your signature perfume will boost your confidence all day. 

8. Pepper spray 

With the recent happenings in our society, having a pepper spray cannot be ignored, a girl gat to protect herself in whatever way she can.You can check my other post on how to make your own DIY pepper spray. 

9. Powder 

Yeah, we know makeups don’t stay forever especially when we have to go under the sun, having your powder in your bag can help fix this.

10. Lip balm 

Especially in dry seasons, it is an essential kit to protect your lips from the harmattan and to keep those lips of yours soft.

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