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Why do Ladies Like Wearing Men's Hairstyles?

Hairstyles today has become part of our lives. It is the styling and arranging of our hair as an aspect of personal grooming, fashioning and also to make us look more attractive and influencial. Hairstyle make one look more gorgeous and also brings out the beauty in ones outfits. Sometimes, your hairstyle depict who you actually are. All sex (male and female) has their own different Hairstyles. But presently, men's Hairstyles are now commonly worn by Ladies. Men's Hairstyles like; dreadlock, low cut, afro and mohawk etc.

See Men's Hairstyles that are commonly worn by Ladies:


This hairstyle has to do with the rolling of the hair, and is seen as the most rugged hairstyle among the guys. Dreadlock is also commonly worn by Ladies. In Nigeria, any lady who wear this type of hairstyle is regarded as a rugged girl.


Afro hairstyle is one of the popular hairstyle among the youths in Nigeria. It's the trimming of the sides of the head. It's also regarded as a responsible hairstyle among men.

Mohawk Mohawk is also referred to as a 'Mohican'. It has to do with both sides of the head shaven, leaving a strip of noticeable longer hair in the center.

Low cut

Low cut is the most responsible hairstyle among men in Nigeria. This hairstyle is also worn by Ladies who are regarded as responsible and gentle.

Bu the question still remains "why Do Ladies Like Wearing Men's Hairstyles?

And is it right for Ladies to wear men's Hairstyles?

Please leave your answers in the comment box below.

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