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3 Oil Creams That Will Help Grow Your Hair

The main purpose of applying different kinds of cream to our body is to look nice and make our skin smooth and as well fixed to the complexion of our choice.

There are many kinds of cream in the world today. Some of these creams are harmful to the body and have a lot of health complicated problems.

Creams that have those sophisticated health issues are those that contain mercury which bleaches the skin by giving you a different colour effect. This kind of cream that contains mercury is not good for the body so avoid it completely or minimize the usage.

The ones that contain hydroquinone are slightly recommended but know how you make use of it as well.

In this article, we will be discussing the type of cream that helps to grow hair faster and as well maintain the from losing its moisture.

1 Pure Jojoba Oil

Makes the hair strong is also nice to use and can be recommended to those that do have hair loss.

2 Sweet Almond Oil

It helps to avoid hair loss. Also, harbour moisture in the hair and as well prevent hair loss.

3 Virgin Argan Oil

It works is to make dormant hair grow rapidly.

All this oil are essential for hair growth. There are so many of them. But all these depend on the one you come across to. Before applying any oil or cream make sure each of them meets up with GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) requirements. With NAFDAC Reg No.

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Jojoba Oil Sweet Almond Oil Virgin Argan Oil


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