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Skin Care

3 Simple Skincare Routines For Men

 One secretive thing about women is that they love men who treat their skin with care, but unfortunately few men tend to maintain their skin as they think it is only advantageous for the ladies. There are some basic skincare routines some men don't know about, and today I will be listing some of them:

1:Daily Usage Of Moisturising Soap Or Shower Gel

 A good moisturizing soap allows moisture to penetrate your skin making it soft and relaxed. Ever wondered why that friend of yours keep getting fresher and cuter daily, he apparently must have been maintaining a proper skincare routine.

2:Moisturising Lotion

 A good moisturizing lotion helps your skin glow. It keeps your skin hydrated so you don't have dry and rough patches, it smooths your skin and then gives you a nice scent. There are various moisturising lotion, and it didn't advisable to use some. For instance, some lotions are meant to bleach the human body. These type of lotions aren't good for both sex, even though some are addicted to using it.

3:Good Hygiene

 Health, yes is wealth. As a man, you are expected to change your bed sheet and pillowcases regularly. Some men are also addicted to wearing their underwear more than thrice and sometimes more, this is very bad and isn't good for the skin. Good hygiene isn't meant for ladies alone, you should also maintain it as a guy. 

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