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Fashion rules for Short Girls

If you have short legs, your duty is not to make them shorter. How to avoid the funny situations, we'll show you in this article.

Simple colors. When you wear bright clothes, consisting of different color palettes, your body visually divides into zones. This division makes torso shorter, so if you have short legs, give up such experiments. In your case, it is important to maintain the integrity of the silhouette, and moderate colors will help you in this. Choose a pastel shades that are close to each other. It is best to wear plain stuff, but if you really want something more "live", do focus on very fine floral print. Geometric pattern may not be the best way to change your proportions,

We should also talk about the stripes. This unique print can magically transform you, with both sides. Girls who have small stature should refuse from horizontal stripes. This figure only "stretches" the shape to parties. A vertical stripes, on the contrary, pull the body and lengthen the legs. A strip-fir can also be an excellent option for your situation. It lengthens the silhouette and makes it more slender. Due to this effect reaches the additional centimeters of growth.

High clothing line. The longer your clothes, the less you can see your feet. This means that they are visually become shorter. Therefore, the shorter the clothes line are, the better. If you feel quite comfortable wearing a mini-skirt, it will indeed help you look taller. If your dress code or your inner feelings against this skirt, emphasize the jacket or blazer. Purchase a shortened version of female jacket. Not hide the line thighs. You may combine this top with straight black trousers or a pencil skirt just above the knee. All skirts below the knee are contraindicated to you.

Shoes without straps. Strap on the ankle divides foot into parts, thus making it even shorter. And shoes without such decoration, for example, classic boats, on the other hand, continues the leg from hip to foot. Also, low girl is not recommended to wear boots, that ends right at the ankle.

High heels. Proper shoes with high heels, of course, is a real lifesaver for girls whose growth is below average. Heels add additional centimeters, which primarily extend legs. In addition, you can use this technique to elongate silhouette through the pants. To do this you need to pick pants that will fit to your shape in a few inches longer than your height. When you will wear heels, pants will cover part of the heel, and it will visually lengthen your legs. And from an aesthetic point of view, such pants look much better then truncated models.

Overestimated waist. Even if the jeans with low waist in fashion, they won't fit to low girls with short legs. Also, low-slung should be avoided on skirts and trousers. Such lines make silhouette shorter. The overestimated waist - that's what you need to pay attention to. Fortunately, this style is at the peak of popularity now. Choose pants, jeans and skirts with a high waist. The same can be recommended when choosing a dress. Waist line, shifted slightly upwards will lengthen the legs and extend silhouette.

Straight pants. Tight pants and jeans visually shorten you, since clearly emphasize the body lines from the beginning to the end of the leg. Putting narrow clothes on, you show the length of your legs, which in this case is strictly contraindicated. If you have low growth, straight trousers or jeans will be the best possible way to you. You can adjust the length yourself. As mentioned above, the elongated pants look great and give a stunning effect with shoes on a heel. If you prefer sandals or shoes on a flat sole, the length of the trousers should reach the level of the shoe.

Long skirts and dresses. You might be surprised by this, but even low girls with short legs can wear long dresses and skirts. Such models of clothes extend silhouette, and you look visually higher. However, it is very important to choose the right length of skirts or dresses. Hem should not be dragged across the floor, the line should be clear by the end of the feet.

As you can see, low girls with short legs can not limit themselves when choosing a dress. The similar restrictions exist for virtually any type of shape and growth. Using our tips you will be able to visually lengthen the legs and look attractive.

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