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Please STOP WEARING BLACK Clothes On Sunny Days, Here's The Reasons And Clothes You Should Wear

Wearing clothes should not be centered on fashion, atimes we should put on clothes depending on the weather season our environment is experiencing at the moment.Most people wear clothes they are not supposed to wear during sunny days and it could really affect their skin. Not all cloth colours should be worn all the time, so are supposed to be worn in some occasion. Therefore this article would inform you of the dress colors you should wear in certain weather to avoid skin damage due to excessive heat or other defects.

Colour Of Clothes you shouldn't wear on sunny days and reasons

Dark or dull colored cloths

Dark or dull colored clothes should not be worn on sunny days because dark or Dull colours are better absorbers of heat. So it wouldn't be advisable to wear dark or dull coloured cloths on sunny days to avoid intense heat which could lead to crampy skin. So if you truly want to be comfortable on a very sunny day, see the colour of dresses you shouldn't wear. We should also note that these clothes should be worn in cold seasons because they can easily absorb heat to keep the body warm.





And other dull or dark coloured cloths

Colour Of Clothes You Should Wear On Sunny Days

Bright or shiny clothes

Bright and shiny clothes are poor absorbs of heat, so it would be very advisable to put on bright colored dresses on sunny days to avoid excessive sweating due to heat bright colored dresses such as yellow, blue, red and so on. Also note that shiny and bright coloured cloths should be avoided during cold weathers since they don't easily absorb heat to keep the body warm.

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