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Ladies, See 8 Ways To Look A Million Dollars, Even If You Aren't A Millionaire.

Countless number of individuals across the globe enjoy dressing to impress others, and this is why most people go out if their budgets so as to look good. Allow me to inform you that you don't necessarily have to be tremendously wealthy to look a million dollars. The primary step to take is to be sure you don't make some very common errors whenever you are working on how you look.

However, this post contains eight(8) ways to look million dollars (extremely gorgeous) even if you don't have a million dollars in your bank account.

1. How to wear branded logos.

Did you know that wearing a fake brand is worse than not wearing a branded cloth? Wearing fake designers make you look cheap, while moderation in dressing makes you look classy.

2. How to select bags.

What appears classy: A bag that's not heavy with evidently set out lines.

What appears cheap: An heavy bag.

3. How to select your colour combinations.

When you combine so many colours, them you look cheap but combining simple but classy colours will make you look incredible.

4. How to wear jewelries.

Know that wearing an oversized jewelry (as shown above) would definitely make you appear cheap, while a simple one will make you look like a million dollars.

5. How to wear underwear.

There's nothing more classy than making sure your underwear is covered by your dress. Please note that displaying your underwear simply make you look cheap.

6. Wearing heels.

As shown in the picture above, wearing high heels with a large base could make you look inexpensive, while simple but classy designs will definitely make you look elegant.

7. How to wear clothes with black colour.

The first thing to note is that - if you're wearing a black cloth, then, they should not be faded. Wearing a faded black cloth makes you look cheap.

8. Wearing the animal points design.

As shown above, wearing a cloth with full animal prints design on it will make you appear very low cost. However, if you insist on wearing animals prints, then it should be in form of accessories such as your head ties, scarfs, etc.

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