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Suffering From Ear Ache, Fever And Other Ailments? Grab A Piece Of Onion And Try These!

You will never believe how amazing onions are!

Sometimes the most effective remedies for common ailments can be found not in the pharmacy, but in our own kitchens. Take the humble onion, for example.

It may seem like just a simple vegetable that you use to make dishes tasty, but did you know that it can help alleviate different physical illnesses too? Here are some of the ways which this superfood can help you with in your daily health woes:

1 Ear Pain

Onion protects the body from the effects of inflammation and thus can lessen redness, swelling and pain. For this, you can use onion to relieve yourself of earaches. Get the innermost part of the onion and place it in the outer lobe of the ear. While it may sound weird and gross, it actually is effective in lessening the inflammation inside and melting ear wax that may cause the pain the first place.

2 Fever

Onions have anti-fever properties that can help lower down temperatures in times of illnesses. What you can do is to put slices of onion in your socks and wear it. The onions must be underneath your soles. You can try this no-sweat technique and watch the fever go away.

3 Scars

Scars are very hard to get rid off. There are various topical solutions available in the market, but sometimes a natural remedy may also provide great help. Onions can aid in minimizing the appearance of scars and heal wounds. The skin of this crop is the particular part that can be used to clean the wound and stop bleeding.

4 Colds

Feeling down with the flu? You may try to eat onion raw. We know it sounds crazy, so to make it more tolerable, we suggest that you boil the vegetable and make a tea out of it.

There you have it, the many uses of onion. Who would ever thought that such kitchen staple can result in amazing health benefits? Try these tips out and let us know how it goes.

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