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Checkout How I Made My First Million From Making And Selling Liquid Soap.

My name is Henry Kelvin, am from Enugu state Nigeria, I graduated from the University of Nigeria nsukka with a good result.

After I graduated from the University, I started looking for job but didn't find a good one, so I keep getting broke, no money for my upkeep, so a friend of mine advice me to learn trade or anything that I will make money from, so I started planning and making research for particular business I will learn, I came across a post on opera news hub which guides people on how to make soap and make money from it, I decided to read the post and learnt many things from the article, I was motivated and decided to go and learn how to make a liquid soap from a woman selling it in my street, after learning how to make it, I decided to start my own from small, I started making 20 bottles of liquid soap and selling it to people in the market.

As time goes on, I started making huge amount of money from it, I increased the number of liquid soap am making.

I started supplying it to many supermarket and local sellers.

After 3 months I started the supply, I estimated my gain and found out that I have made up to one million from it.

So I encourage you readers to start your own and you will surely Make it.

I will guide you on how to make liquid soap below.

See things needed below.

1:6-16 teaspoon of sodium laurate sulphate (SLS).

2:480g of C.m.c (carboxy methyl cellulose/Antisol/Nitrosol).

3:10-20 teaspoon of Texapon.

4:165g of caustic soda.

5:245g of soda ash.

6:6-16 teaspoon of formalin (optional).

7:10-20 teaspoon of sodium Triphosphate.

8: sulphonic acid.

9: colorant and a perfume (fragrance).

Procedures used in making liquid soap.

Soften the caustic soda with 2 liters of water and leave one hour or for overnight. Soften soda ash in 2 liters of water and leave for one hour or for overnight. Flow sulphonic acid into measuring bowl, add texapon, for pleasant smell of your liquid soap add a perfume (fragrance), then add 10 liters of water, after that stir carefully for 10 minutes. Soften the SLS with 1.25 liters of water. Soften the STPP with 1.25 liters of water too. Add nitrosol. If to use Carboxy methyl cellulos instaed, please make certain that it is soften in 10 liters of water 2 days before soap making. Add soften caustic soda and stir carefully, then add soften soda ash and again mix accurately. If you decided to use also formalin, add it then. Add soften S.T.P.P and blend well, add then soften SLS and stir again. To have relevant color add colorant and stir.

Thanks for reading this article, don't forget to follow me for more.

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