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Check Out How You Can Roll Your Jeans With Pins

While cropped pants are a simple way to show off your ankles, a cuffed jean may do the same thing – but with a little more flair.

When you're wearing sneakers or flip-flops, you'll like a wide cuff, and when wearing flats or a heel, you'll like a pin roll.

Here's how you roll your jeans with pins!

To begin, choose a jean with a straight leg - a wide leg becomes too heavy when cuffed, while toothpick and legging jeans are too tight to roll. As a result, choose for a straight leg or a very slight bootleg cut.

Begin by flattening the bottom of the leg to eliminate any wrinkles or dents.

Then, starting on the inside of one leg, pull inward (toward your other leg), smoothing and tautening the cloth.

Fold that strip of fabric inward and secure it with a pin. It should be as tight as possible without restricting your ability to roll it up.

Roll the jean up with your free hand, keeping the fold in place.

Repeat the process two more times.

You can loosen the cuff a little to give it a more relaxed appearance.

And there you have it!

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