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Outfit Rocked By Liquorose That Might Enhance Your Fashion Sense

Most ladies copy celebrity's outfit not because it inspired them but because they want to impress others and become famous. As the day progresses, fashionistas create new styles and upcoming fashion lovers recreate them to their own choice.

Ankara fabrics are beautiful and can be used in sewing any style but you need to apply your fashion knowledge. Liquorose shared some photos of herself slaying on a two piece outfit and the trouser is sewn with an Ankara fabric.

While scrutinizing the outfit you will realize it's a two piece outfit and it's very creative and inspiring. She's wearing an armless black top and a high waist trouser.

Liquorose is very creative when it comes to fashion and it has made her famous in the entertainment industry. One side of her trouser has a slit, while the other side doesn't and that's the power of creativity. The Ankara material has a touch of black and that's why she decided to wear a black top instead of any flashy color.

There are 3 things to learn from Liquorose recent attire and they include the following;

1 . The style

The style is matured and it's not a rampant style. Liquorose style depicts her boldness and whenever she steps out, people crave to copy her style because it's classy.

2 . You need to purchase a quality fabric.

Quality things last longer but it's quite expensive and you also need to be mindful of the color of material you sew. Before buying a fabric, scrutinize it very well and check if it fits your skin tone.

Most ladies wear expensive wears but if the color doesn't blend with their complexion, it won't give them that attractive and stunning look they want to acquire.

3 . Your hairstyle, shoe and makeup should be considered.

When dressing, you need to wear a good and mild makeup because it's the main area of concentration. Your makeup and hair style needs to align with your outfit. Your footwear also helps in enhancing your outfit but some people prefer wearing slippers.

Check out some pictures below.

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Ankara Liquorose


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