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You must definitely follow these tips if you're bad at posing for pictures

We are in a digital age where social media and technology has made everybody turn to photographers. It is a wonderful thing to capture memories and freeze it in time for years to come and have your grandchildren see your pictures as clear as day in their own time. 

If you happen to possess an andriod device with tolerable pixels or even better an iphone, but you've noticed your pictures don't come out as nice as the ones you see online then this post is for you. It is not as easy as it seems having pictures of you that are noteworthy on your gallery, especially if you don't have a good photographer that knows his/her onions in your bag, and you don't have a modelling experience. Well don't fret, you are not a lost cause, let's be honest, you don't need to be perfect, slimmer, curvier or prettier to have a great pictures, it's all about confidence and playing with the camera and having fun.

What makes a good picture?

There are basically 4 major things that makes a picture speak volumes;

1. The photographer 

2. The camera

3. The location

4. And the model.

After picking a suitable location for your picture and the remaining things are in place, then it is up to you to know what angle suits you and flatters your physique. I'll try to break it down step by step. 

1. Always find a good light source: for example if your trying to take a picture of a sun-kiss selfie, you'd need to be facing the sun directly and have it wash all over your face.2. Know the angle that suits you best- If you are trying to take a full picture, having a photographer hold the camera just slightly below the eye level gives longer lines, and if your aim is to look taller with longer legs then, you definitely want to snap at that angle. Raising the leg facing the camera also draws attention to your legs and accentuates your hips.

3. Opt for camera ready looks- If you know you're going to be taking pictures, look for outfits that flatter your stature, some outfits which may look good in real life just don't cut it in pictures, especially if it is an outfit that defines better when you are moving, pictures are static images and as such look for more definitive outfits that flatters you. Also opt for bolder make up as pictures tend to blur features out, especially after editing.

4. Find your good side- have you ever tried taking a selfie and you noticed that turning your face looks better in one direction than the other, it's a thing that happens to a lot of people, that means you have a better side, take note of that particular side and use it in your favor in pictures, always turn to that angle when the camera is facing you.

6. Keep it moving- As you might have seen in various pictures in instagram, some of the best pictures are not actually poses, but actions caught at the perfect moments while moving, for example a sway of a skirt while walking, or your hair being flipped to one side. Trying walking while taking burst shots(definition is in number 8) with your camera and see the wonderful things that you will see getting caught on camera. Movement pictures are always fun to take, choose from and look at.

7. Standing on tiptoes or bending your knees- If your aim is to let people focus on your long legs then standing on tiptoes will work wonders for your physique, especially you place one leg in front of the other.

8. Take bursts of photographs- If your photographer isn't exactly the professional type then ask the person to hold the snap button down instead of just pressing it once, this will help take series of different pictures, while you are slowly moving and changing poses, so at the end of it all you can choose the best snap out of all. The picture above can be taken faster with burst photography, and it leaves you with much more options to work with.

Hope these tips helps to improve your gallery catalogue, like and follow me for more helpful tips like this.

Content created and supplied by: Cleospeaks (via Opera News )


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