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3 Things Women Can Do That Men Can Not Do, Apart From Giving Birth

3 Things Women Can Do That Men Can Not Do, Apart From Giving Birth.

The argument on "What a man can do, women can do better" has been going on for a very long time now. Men don't want to agree that we can do what they can do too but we have been proving to them that we can actually do what they can do. 

What in God's name can they do that we can't do?

They can farm and we can too, they are builders and engineers which we are too but they still wouldn't accept the fact that we can do whatever they can do.

If we talk about what we can do that men can't do, they are obviously many but the only one people take note of is "Child bearing". Apart from that, there are other things we can do that they can not do except In their dreams and Imaginations.

I have put this article together to show you three things women can do that men can not do and they are as follows:

1. Women can wear skirt but men can not.

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If you look at fashion very well, whatever men wears, we can wear them and move on the street freely. Men wear trousers and we can wear it but any man that tries to wear skirt on the street, people will tie him up because they will believe insanity is the cause. 

Men can not wear skirt whether they like it or not. If you doubt me, wear skirt and go to the street, then wait for your result. 

2. Women can change their surname to another person's name but men can not. 

A man only use one surname forever but as women we have the legal backings to change our surname after Marriage. This is something that men can not do. If they try it, people will see it as an abomination.

3. Women can wear high heels but men can not. 

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Like I said before, whatever a man wears, we can also wear it including their shoes. We can wear their shoes but can a man try to wear high heels? I know they can't try it. They can not even bear what we pass through while wearing the heels. 

I hope I have cleared your doubt enough. There is nothing a man can do that we can't do but the above points have shown that we can do what they can't do.

Any objection?

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