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Fashion and Style: A good Fit

Fashion and Beauty

Personal style and a 'good fit'

Fashion is all about looking your best, its a statement made with clothes, accessories, makeup, and so on, that the wearer is a person that loves to look good and isn't afraid to reflect their own personal sense of style which is usually pleasing to the eye. It is a combination of confidence, looks, fabric, style and designer expertise that screams out from the wearer without any need of words ' here i am , and guess what /i love to look good and am not scared to show it'

 Everyone interprets fashion in the way that they see fit, personal style is the ingredient that defines fashion for each individual, and refines it to fit the individual. Styles may be in vogue, or out of vogue, but the individual makes it their own by retaining their own personal touch, that little detail that changes the whole picture and gives it that special something , that is all theirs.

There are some guidelines that can help the discerning fashion conscious individual, make good choices even while interpreting their own personal style. For instance a tall person should avoid clothes that have bold vertical lines because it makes the person appear taller in a non-flattering manner, but on a not so tall person , it gives an impression of height that can be appreciated. Similarly a very wide person on the big side, should avoid clothes with bold horizontal lines because it gives an unflattering impression of wideness that compounds the matter of already being on the big side. On a very slim person however bold horizontal lines can create a much needed aura of weight that can be pleasing to the eye.

 A good fit is the difference between something you love and feel good and confident in, as opposed to something that just hangs in your closet. When it comes to looking good, your taste matters a lot, the individual may spend money but it doesn't have to be all that expensive for it to be tasteful or chic. Thus not all fashionable clothes are expensive and not all expensive clothes are fashionable, fit or look good on you. 

 A good fit is a combination of two components, it must look good on the wearer and it must be comfortable. The concept of a good fit varies depending on our different shapes, sizes and taste, however there are some important guidelines one should watch out for

. Vertical seams should be perpendicular to the floor

. Dart points to an area of fullness like the breast or bottom area or just before the full area, should be preferably without a pouch, where they end.

. Shoulder seams should be positioned at the shoulder joints, allowing a smooth fit, over the upper chest.

. The back of the garment should have some ease, but no vertical or horizontal wrinkles 

. Sleeves should not bend awkwardly and there should not be wrinkles running up and down

. Neck lines should fit comfortably on a jewel neck, the front lines should ride just above the clavicle.

. The clothes should be a perfect fit but should not be tight.

In conclusion, fashion and style are ingredients that are inseparable in making a pleasant mix for the fashionable man or woman, who wants to make a statement of fashion,class and Style. 

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