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How To Combine Damask Outfits With Different Accessories

Damask outfits won't look complete and beautiful without accessories. You need to compliment the outfit with good accessories.

A lot of ladies don't know what an accessory is, so I'll start by giving a brief explanation of what they are. They are those beautiful items that are used to adorn our physical appearance. They are used to make every outfit look complete.

Here are the four major accessories that can be used to combine with a damask outfit:

1. Gele and beads; Gele can be Ankara or lace fabric; in some cases, ladies who are not skilled at designing their own headwraps send them to designers.Beads can be in any color. They could also be used to add beauty to the cloth.

2. Bangles and leg chains; Bangles will enhance the beauty of your upper body, while leg chains will enhance the beauty of your feet.Don't forget that people usually look at your legs subconsciously, and they also take note of whatever they see, so try your best to adorn them.

3. Belts: They are also worn on damask gowns, and they will help to define your shape.

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Ankara Gele


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