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Which Among These 20 Prettiest Ladies Will You Choose to Marry? [See Photos]

If You Are to Marry

Dear men

Learn to tell your woman how beautiful she is. It means a lot to her.

A woman can spend 3 to 8 hours in the saloon making her hair just to look beautiful. Learn to appreciate and compliment her. At least, for the sake of the effort she puts in looking good.

Most of the time, it's because of you they do that, to look beautiful for you and to be admired by you. Can you imagine what sitting for 3 to 8 hours looks like?

A woman can spend her salary on pedicure and medicure just to be beautiful, to look flawless, her face spotless and her skin glowing. Learn to appreciate her look.

A woman can spend fortunes on surgeries to have that perfect body, perfect boobs and perfect butt so they can be admired and wanted by their partners. Why do you think most fear getting overweight? Fear of rejection! Beauty is important to a woman.

A woman can sit in the front of the mirror for hours doing makeup and makedown just to look beautiful. Learn to praise to her.

It hurts a woman, after all the efforts she puts in making her hair and ensuring that she looks good and beautiful but her husband does not compliment her nor tell her how beautiful she is.

Listen, the essence of a woman is beauty. They want to be admired, valued and wanted. Many of them fall cheaply at the hands some mischievous men that knows this secret. Oga, protect your wife.

In conclusion, learn to tell your woman, your daughters, and sisters how beautiful they are, before other men that know this truth take advantage of them. Learn to appreciate, commend and compliment them.

© Okolie Samuel

If you are to marry, which among those 30 prettiest ladies will you choose?

I will choose The tall one in the pictures.

What about you?

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