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Are You A Tattoo Fan? Check Out Some Cool Pictures You May Like

Tattoos are only just making their way into the fashion industry in Nigeria and just like anything new, it's had to contend with stiff opposition from people who see it as immoral and excessive. Now it's not my place to tell people what to think (neither is it anybody else) but let me just point out that people thought the same thing (maybe even worse) of short skirts, high heels, g-strings and even make-up!! all of these items have gone on to become commonplace and even compulsory accessories for any wardrobe today. So regardless of what opposition thinks some fashion trends just dont go away.

One of those trends that appear to be here for life is tattoo and considering that most tattoos are permanent it's safe to say that they really are here to stay -for life.

Having said that, I think it's important to know that regardless of whether it's improper or proper to you, there's still a level that tattoo will get to that it becomes too much. I want to avoid posting such images so as to protect the sanctity of this platform but you can go online to see pictures of extreme tattoos yourself. So this isn't an endorsement for you to just go out and put ink all over your body.

Thankfully Nigerians have not gotten to that level yet (we've barely even started!) so for now there's little or no cause for alarm as most of us bold enough to get a tattoo in this society prefer to go for simple non conspicuous ones.

However, if you're more daring and would like to get a more conspicuous 'Tat', here are a few options to pick from.

Look through and tell me if you think any is cool. Thanks.

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