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Checkout These Weird Shoes

There are so many shoe designs out there; some we like, some we don't, but there are some that we can't help but wonder what was going through the designers' minds, and we wonder how they could come up with such designs... We refer to these designs as " weird or as crazy." Here is a compilation of insane creative shoe designs:

The above shoe style is what we refer to as "the feet_shoe design" I have been having some very funny thoughts about it and I'm really sure anyone who wears this shoe would end up hurting themselves.

Below is the Rat_Shoe Design:

My second reaction to this design was How can this be? My initial reaction was laughing out loud. I have been seeing some shoe designs, but i have never seen a shoe design like this before. The designer must have been inspired to make something new, which is fine, but seriously very funny. If I had seen these shoes in my dreams, I would Run out of my dreams.

The next Shoe Design is the "Snake Shoe":

This Design Looks so demonic and weird, but still very funny at the same Time, many must have been wondering what was going through the mind of the designer... I was so surprised to see these myself... Here's another view of the "snake shoe":

We may applaud the shoe's designer for creating a practical appearance, but who in his or her right mind would want to wear a snake looking shoe? Wow. Many would want to go for these tho.

Below are some other shoe designs:

To Conclude; I Must Say That "Seeing This Shoes Could Make You Dream Bad" but Thanks for viewing, please click on the follow button. Thank You.

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