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Here are tips on how to identify original and quality jean outfits when shopping.

Jean is a nice fabric that is very beautiful and makes you feel better especially when you get the original. You can style your Jean fabric to any design of your choice, like your jean skirts, jean gowns, jean trousers, jackets, etc. One good thing about the jean fabric is that tends to last long.

Just as we have different categories of other fabrics and materials, there are different categories of jean fabric as well but the most important thing here is being able to differentiate between the original jean fabric from the inferior ones. In this article, I will outline few tips that can help you identify original jean fabrics when you go for shopping.

1. Texture and heaviness.

Original jean fabric must be heavy. And this can be felt through touch. Original jeans especially the stock ones are made of heavy materials. So when you go for shopping, always go for jeans that are heavy.

2. You can also identify original fabric by using a wet white material to rub against fabric to see if the color will last.

3. You can also identify original jeans through the price tag. Original jean are more expensive than the inferior ones. Always make sure to go for the expensive ones when shopping as they are always the original ones.

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