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How To Treat Dandruff At Home Without Spending A dime.

Dandruff is a type of skin condition which causes dry and scaly materials to form on the scalp. It makes one uncomfortable as it itches thereby, making the person scratch the head often. Dandruff can be seen on both short hair and long, over-grown hair. When being scratched or combed, the scales fall off from the hair. It can be whitish or brownish in colour. 

Though, people do not appreciate this as it irritates the hair and sometimes it embarrasses someone in public, there is still an advantage of this skin condition which most people do not know. As it is commonly said that what has disadvantage also has advantage. Dandruff is a sign that one would have a long hair if maintained appropriately. It is still good to know that this skin condition is caused by some factors, this will help to guide one cautiously. Some of the causes or factors that influence this skin condition include; Lotions with alcoholic content, some skin infection such as Eczema, Dry Scalp, Extreme Weather, frequent use of Shampoo, Oily skin. 

However, dandruff has symptoms which makes it easier for one to detect when dandruff has started appearing on the scalp. Symptoms of dandruff include; Hair loss, Swollen scalp, Scratching on the head, Reddish scalp.

Natural Remedy For Dandruff.

This is a herbal way to treat dandruff, it is natural and does not cost anything for those who have medicinal plants, while it costs less for the ones who do not have medicinal plants at home.

Ingredients: Water, Cucumber, Native Black Soap.


Step1: Juice out the Cucumber and mix it with the native black soap.

Step2: Apply the mixture on the scalp and wash, leave it for fifteen minutes.

Step3: After fifteen minutes, wash the scalp with warm water.

This can be done anytime.

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