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Here Are The Reasons Why You Need To Dress Responsibly

As a decent woman, you need to look good, modest and classy every day because you are a role model to so many young girls and women. 

I'll give you two important reasons why every woman needs to dress responsibly no matter the event.

1. Mentorship: You need to understand that, as a child of God, you are mentoring a lot of young ladies without even knowing it. So many young girls and boys are quietly watching you and observing the way you dress, talk, react to situations and also behave. If you don't dress well, you're indirectly passing the message across to them.

2. You may be invited to church meetings without even being informed in advance.They might ask you to conduct early morning prayers, and if you are not well dressed, you might be ashamed of yourself.

3. You need to dress very well so that your children and husband will be proud of you wherever they find themselves. Your clothes don't necessarily have to be very long before they will be categorized as a decent outfit. What makes your clothes decent are the style and length.


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