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How crochet hairs can cause damage to your natural hair growth

Crochet hairs are the trendy type of hairs these days. It's super easy to fix and maintain and doesn't take much of your time to fix it on.

There are different types of crochet hairs. A wide variety of crochet hairs to select from and they come in different lengths and colours.

Crochet hairs are already braided or styled and it's super easy to install. Crochet hairs are installed on top of an already braided hair. It can be cornrows or single braids. Now when you pass the crochet needle through your hair and bring in the crochet hair and tighten it, it can cause tension on your hair follicles which can lead to hair loss and thinning.

Now to avoid this, don't braid your natural hair as tight as you would on a normal day if you want to install a crochet. Braid it less tight so that when you install the crochet hair, it will make it tight but not too tight as to cause tension on your hair.

This will make the hair neater and won't cause you pain or any discomfort. Crochet hairs is part of protective styles that help grow our hair but only when we do it right.

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