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Mothers, Take a Look at 34 Trendy Iro & Buba Styles You Can Sew This July

Iro and Buba should be among the gorgeous outfits every African Mother should have in her closet, for all outdoor events this Month.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The name Iro & Buba may sound familiar to some fashionistas, and to some it may sound strange. But Iro and Buba is a Yoruba name used to identify a wrapper. It is a two-piece outfit similar to skirt and blouse, but sewn in a unique and matured design of wrapper, which is mostly tied around the waist of a woman when stepping out to any special event.

Among the top trendy and most rock outfits this year, is the Iro and Buba. Majority of the classy women love rocking this outfit because of the matured appearance it offers it's wearer. This attire is perfect for any form of outdoor event like, wedding ceremony, Church Service, village meetings, friends gathering and many more special outdoor activities, which a woman will love to appearance with a matured attire.

So any mother who values her good appearance, should have lot's of styles of the below matured outfit in her closet, which will help her stumble into any event this July and look glorious.

Photo Credit: Facebook Fashion Page, Pinterest .

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African Buba Iro Yoruba


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