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Why Your Head Wrap, Damask Attire And Wrapper Should Have The Same Color

Fashion is being updated as the day goes by, and as a fashionista, you need to go with the current trends, otherwise you may end up being outdated.

Previously, a lot of ladies believed that your clothes, wrapper, and head wrap should all have different colors. Ladies who believed in this style of dressing were not wrong because that was the trend during those days, but in these modern days, you'll be seen as someone who's putting on a color riot if you pair your clothes, wrapper, and head wrap with different colors.

Here are the reasons why these three sets of clothing should be the same color:

1. You won't have all eyes on you whenever you get to any event. This is because the color of the clothing will be in unison. 

2. When shopping for the cloth, you won't have to go to every shop in the market trying to find a color or wrapper that would match your head wrap or cloth.

All you need to do is to get the full material, send it to your tailor, and tell him or her to make any style of your choice and also make a head wrap from the same material. Then you can use the remaining piece of material to compliment your dressing.

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