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Natural vs beautiful: Instagram models like reveal the truth

Natural vs beautiful: Instagram models reveal the truth

When we see perfect bodies and faces of sport, model, and other Instagram or YouTube stars, we often regard them being of highly contrasted to ours. Fortunately, the current trend is publicizing the self-love? Many celebrities and models show us that even perfectly fit-looking one can have flaws. In this post, we share the truth they reveal – many perfect-looking bodies on the photos can be no more than tricks of lighting, poses, camera angles, and photoshop.


1. Maeve Madden (@MAEVE_MADDEN)

Maeve Madden deliberately shows us not only her image of flat-belly body, but also a one where her tummy is slightly puff-up. This way she emphasizes that no one can have ideal abs forever. Even those who exercise most of their life can have hormone fluctuations or irritable bowel syndrome. And this can make their tummy as ordinary as most people have.


2. Laura Ivette (@LAURAIVETTEG)

You must be shocked by comparing these two Instagram pics of Laura Ivette. A glamour Diva on the one and an ordinary make-up free person on the other. Yes, working as a molecular technologist, she wears her glasses much more often than make-up. But isn’t she charming in her natural look?


Hailey Bettencourt with her relief abs is a good example of how workouts can shape your body. But even she can have a tummy when she relaxes and eats too much carb. In these pictures of herself, she seems just hint you that she didn’t feel sorry for her puffy belly. So, why should you?


4. Dulce Candy (@DULCECANDY)

Dulce is a perfect example of how a person should be – humble and grounded. She starts off most of her YouTube tutorial videos without having any makeup on, in order to convey to her YouTube followers that one can be beautiful irrespective of whether or not they’re wearing any makeup.

5. Jess King (@JESSRAEKING)

In these pics, Jess King demonstrates how to achieve your body transformation visually and make a picture you will not hesitate to post for a wide auditory. Sometimes all you need to do is to alter your pose and customize your swimsuit position to give the right look.



Another popular YouTube makeup tutorial star, Nikki often makes no use of makeup on her face to show her viewers and followers that while using cosmetics can be fun, using it doesn’t mean that there is something inherently wrong with our bodies or faces.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019


Instagram star Rachel promotes the trend of loving your own body. You don’t always need to exhaust yourself with diets to look perfect on your pictures. Just stand in right position, shoulders back, tummies in, and you will look wonderful! She manifests a woman’s body is beautiful and appealing by its nature.


8. Milly Smith (@SELFLOVECLUBB)

These pics of Milly Smith’s self-love-club and her advises are good insights for women with far-from-ideal figures. Here she shows how you can look more shapely and attractive by wearing clothing that model your body shape and hide your body’s flaws. After all, she says, why not use some tricks your camera can provide?


Natural vs beautiful: Instagram models reveal the truth

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019


An Australian plus-size model Jess emphasizes how a posture can affect the look. If you want to look slimmer and thinner both in your tummy, legs or backside, you need to change your pose, for example, turn a bit, to get the desired effect. So, she teaches, don’t waste your life hating your body but appreciate it.


10. Imre Cecen (@IMRECECEN)

Imre Cecen, an Instagram model, proves in some of her pics that no person can sit with legs still looking thin and attractive as well as having 0-shape in their inner side. So, she underlines in her two leg-themed pics that such a perfect leg look is a trick the camera angles, pose, and lighting can do. Just sit half of your buttocks on the edge of the chair with your legs slightly hanging in the air – and you will get this perfect leg look.

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Maeve Madden


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