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Skin Care

For men: What may happen to your body if you bath with hot water regularly

According to WebMD, Many men have relied on a hot shower or bath to revitalize their skin and muscles, relieve stress, and refresh them for years. But, hot water may not be the ideal option for guys who want to keep their skin, hair, and bodies in good condition. There are several good arguments in favor of males switching to cold or lukewarm water for their showers and baths. In this article, I want to briefly educate you according to WebMD, on what may happen to your body if you bath with hot water regularly.

To begin, bathing in extremely hot water can be painful and even dangerous. Extreme heat destroys the skin's protective oils, leaving it dry, itchy, and irritated.

This is especially important for males who have sensitive skin or illnesses like eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, as stated by WebMD. Because hot water causes blood vessels to widen and the skin to turn red, it can accentuate the look of these disorders and other skin issues. In addition, hot water can hasten the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots since it causes the skin to lose its suppleness and youthfulness.

It's not just the skin that gets burned by hot water; the hair can suffer the same fate. Dry, brittle, and easily broken hair can be the result of using hot water. In particular, men with dry or curly hair, which is more prone to breakage and dryness, should take note of this. It's been found that using really hot water can have a similar effect, leaving the hair more vulnerable to damage and resulting in more split ends.

Hot water is unpleasant to the skin and can be taxing on the muscles. Blood arteries dilate in response to heat, which can aggravate existing pain or generate new muscular soreness. Hot water can cause the muscles to become weary and take longer to recover, which is especially true for men who are physically active and indulge in frequent exercise. Overheating of the epidermis from exposure to hot water is another factor that contributes to muscle tiredness and discomfort.

To conclude, hot water can be harmful to the ecosystem. Energy used to heat water for consumption is a major contributor to the release of greenhouse gases and the acceleration of global warming. Further, hot water can lead to the waste of utilities like water and power. This is an especially serious issue in regions that regularly experience droughts or have inadequate supplies of potable water.

What then is the answer to this problem? Instead of always using hot water in the shower or bathtub, try using lukewarm or cold water. Water that is just slightly warmer than body temperature is ideal because it soothes the body without drying the hair, skin, or muscles. On the other hand, guys who want to get a jump on the day should go for a glass of cold water because it helps to energize and stimulate the senses. When it comes to improving overall health, cold water is a great option for men. It helps reduce inflammation, increases circulation, and calms the skin and muscles.

In conclusion, while hot water is often used in the typical male bathing routine, it is not the ideal option for guys who are concerned with maintaining healthy skin, hair, and overall body health. Hot water has the potential to damage the skin's protective oils, cause skin problems, damage the hair's cuticle, exacerbate muscle discomfort and weariness, and even harm the environment. Instead, males would benefit from taking baths and showers in lukewarm or cold water because it is easier on their skin, hair, muscles, and the environment.

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