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6 Body Parts You Don’t Need To Clean Often

Mostly believe that when it comes to maintaining strong personal hygiene, they must clean and thoroughly wash every inch of their body. But the truth is that there are certain body parts we don’t need to wash as often as we think because doing that might be causing more harm than good.

One of the reasons why we don’t need to wash some of these body parts is because some of these body parts are self-cleaning body parts. Some of these body parts do not produce enough body oils so frequent washing might lead to dryness.

Here are parts of your body that don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as you think;

1. The Nose

Constant nose picking and cleaning is not good because it can lead to nose bleeding, crusting and swelling in the nose which might lead to pain and irritation. According to health experts, if you feel your nose has become too dirty or congested rather than using your fingers or pieces of cloth, it is better to use saline rinses or spray.

2. Your Hair

According to Ken L. Williams, washing your hair may lead to dermatitis or a scalp condition. Most times the chemicals in the shampoos and hair conditioners may act as irritants. Although there is no science-based research on how often you should shampoo your hair, it should be done when necessary.

3. Colon

The digestive tract helps in removing waste from the human system which means there is absolutely no need for cleaning. Doing that might cause more harm than good. The only time when you need to wash up is when prepping for a colonoscopy. To help keep your colon healthy, you should incorporate high fibre foods into your diet and drink water often.

4. Your Arms and Legs

One reason why washing the arms and legs is inappropriate is because the arms and legs do not produce much oil, so by washing it with soap often you might end up experiencing skin dry out.

5. The Eyes

The eye is a self-cleaning organ in the body because the lachrymal glands produce tears which helps to lubricate the eye, cleanse and protect the eyes from debris and irritants. If you feel any form of irritation in your eyes contact your doctor about it.

6. Ear Canal

According to experts cleaning the ear canal with cotton or any other material can cause more harm than good because the skin of the ear canal is fragile making it prone to swelling, small tears, irritation. The wax in the ear canal is there to protect the ear from external infections.

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