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What do you think about Natural Hair?

Natural hair is when your hair is in the state that you were born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.

Natural hair is a term used for the hair that (typically) grows out of Black people’s heads. It ranges from textures like kinks, coils, and looser curls.

Natural hair means that it is in its natural state, with no perms, weaves, or wigs and no attachment.

In the 80s, the Majority of our mothers and ladies were all on their natural hair. Then, you could see a woman on wool, thread, and all manners of natural hairstyle.

We had hairstyles like June 12, patewo, roundabout, who is in the garden, shuku ologede, orisabunmi, and so many others.

The only addition most ladies do those days is to put Gel on their hair during the festive period or add extensions.

All women have gone through different phases of hair. From natural to relaxed to weaves or wigs and now a lot more have embraced their natural hair.

Before now, lot of women didn’t want to carry their natural hair because they felt it was just too hard to maintain.

Thank God for discoveries, there are now modern ways to take care natural hair which makes it very manageable.

Most of these ways are even natural or organic ways. Using things like Aloe vera, honey, milk, rice water, egg, and so on has proven to be very effective on natural hair.

The natural community has now become one of the largest in the world for women of color.

Do you keep a natural hair? What are your thoughts?

Below are some women and ladies on their natural hair:

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Black Natural Hair


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