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Between 1960's Fashion Vs 2020 Fashion: Which Generation Rocked It Better? (Photos)

One thing that is constant in life is CHANGE and aspect of life changes from time to time.

As the world was changing, the human was changing along with it, we have been able evolved from making use of leaves and animal skin to well built man-made clothing, all thanks to civilization.

Welcome to the Societyhub1 page, one of the fantastic pages in the Opera News Hub. We at Societyhub1 have taken out time to present pictures of fashion evolved from 1960 to the year 2020.

We expect you to rate the evolution of fashion based on these criteria: Funny, Decent and Lovely.

We start with 1960's Fashion

Back in the 1960s, most women wore long dresses which are mostly oversized.😂😂

The men on the other hand wore long, big and oversized trousers that usually covers the whole leg to the extent of the trousers touching the floor when the walk.

This type of trouser was nicknames 'FELA' back in those days.

Often you will the younger generation laughing at the ancient dressings of those of the older generation because the dressing seems different and funny to what is being worn today.

The truth is that those clothes and dressing were the best and trending attires back then. So the younger generation shouldn't laugh at them for wearing such attires.

I can remember laughing out so loud when I saw photos of my grandfather dressing back in the days and according to him it was the most expensive cloth back then.

The fashion of 2020s

When you look at the fashion in the 1960s and try to compare them with those worn in 2021, you will observe there is a big change and evolution has taken place.

From plain, long and oversized trousers to more fitted jeans, body lapping suits, long sleeve to plain fitted native.

There are also some funny ones like the crazy jeans, the dirty jeans, face caps and for the women who now wore body-fitted gowns, tight and tops, skirt (mini and long), fitted native etc.

Below are pictures of the present day dressing

I'm sure you have made your choice based on the stated criteria.

Let's hear them through the comment section, and don't forget to like and share.

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