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Why are Wedding Gowns White? I think you'd want to know the Answer.

In all white weddings today, the bride is always seen to be wearing an all white gown, but it wasn't always like that, but now it is a tradition for every bride to wear white on her wedding day. In this article, I will reveal to you the reason behind this tradition.

Before 1840, brides wore wedding dresses in any colour they chose, white wasn't really practical among most people, because it could get dirty quickly and was in that time regarded as the traditional colour of mourning among the aristocrats, only brides whose families were well to do and could afford to clean it, wore white. So how did it become a tradition?

It is believed that during her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, Queen Victoria started the trend as she wore a white lace and silk satin gown, which as expected was frowned upon by the aristocrats of that time, which it outraged, because as stated earlier, it was regarded as the traditional colour of mourning.

Now it is fashionable and traditional for brides to wear gowns when they wed, even the title 'white wedding' originated from the colour of the wedding dress and also no other person in attendance to a wedding is approved to wear white apart from the bride, if you didn't know before, well now you know.

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