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Skin Care

Signs And Causes Of Premature Aging

When you get older, your body begins to change. In most cases you begin to notice certain things that you wish you never saw.

These changes may be surprising at first, especially if they happen earlier than expected, hence the term “premature” aging.

But it is almost impossible to escape from these changes completely. But the good thing is that, there are ways to slow down the signs of aging in your body. And furthermore, you could actually do that, if they are happening before you're ready to accept it.

Here are some insistances to watch for, especially if it happens before you turn 35 years.

Gaunt hands

With this, as time passes, you will notice the "top layers of your skin become thinner and contain fewer structuring proteins, such as collagen", which is meant to give your skin its shape.

The appearance of your hands may become more veiny, thin, and prone to wrinkles. However, one cannot say the particular time that hands are meant to start looking older, but quite a number of people tend to notice it when they are at their late 30s and early 40s.

Wrinkles or sagging

Once you are in your 30s, your skin slows down its production of collagen, which is the protein that gives the skin its shape and elasticity. Collagen overall, keeps your skin looking younger.

But due to aging, there is less collagen in the skin, which makes it more visible for wrinkles and sagging to occur. And it often appears on the forehead, or areas where you expose more to the sun.

Hair loss

"Hair loss happens as the stem cells that trigger new hair growth in your hair follicles die off".

Causes to this is due to hormone changes, environmental factors, genetics, and your diet. They all determine how quickly this all occurs

Up to "40 percent trusted source" of women over age 70 are said to experience hair loss. While the men experience it much earlier, with 50 percent trusted source experiencing hair loss after age 50.

Causes To Premature Aging


The toxins in cigarettes exposes you to "oxidative stress". This causes dryness, wrinkles, and several other signs of premature aging.

Sun exposure

When you are constantly exposed to sun, the UV rays, penetrates your skin, which eventually damages the DNA in your skin cells, and brings about wrinkles.

Sleep habits

"Sleep gives your body an opportunity to refresh and regenerate cells".

Research has proven and indicated that, not getting enough sleep can increase signs of aging and "diminished skin barrier function".


What you eat, plays a great role, as trusted sources have indicated. Infact, a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates consistently, is said to damage your skin as time goes by.

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