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6 Convenient Ways to Window Shop

Window shopping is the act of checking out goods through the door or glass windows of stores without the intention of buying. In the fashion world, it means checking out clothes and fashion accessories through the windows. Every one window-shops one way or the other. 

If you have ever passed through a fashion store and checked out the clothes on mannequins, you have window shopped. If you have ever looked at an accessory for close to 5 minutes, you have window shopped. These are random and casual acts of window shopping. 

But do you know you can do proper window shopping with adequate time to check clothes before buying at a later date? You may not see the need for it at the moment, but it can give you some styling inspiration for your next outfit. Also, it is a strategy to know what is trending in the fashion world.

Keep reading this article as we reel out tips to help you window shop better.

1. Plan ahead

Yeah! You have to take your window shopping like you are going for an actual cloth shopping. Pick a day for the trip and clear your schedule.

2. Select the stores

Make a research on the fashion stores within your vicinity and what clothing items or fashion accessories they sell.

3. Make a list of what you are window shopping

Start by looking at your wardrobe to see what's missing. Then, make a list of all items you want to check out and hold on to it.

4. Pick a location with multiple stores

To give you enough strength to move around, you should pick a location with several fashion stores. That way, you can move from one shop to another and easily compare them.

5. Take your time

Remember how we talked about picking a day for it? When you start checking the clothes, take your time to explore the shop, and take notes. Check the different combinations of clothes and types.

6. Ask questions

Ask questions from the salesperson if you are confused about the clothes combination or process. Ensure you are polite so that you won't seem like a disturbance when they find out you aren't buying anything.

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