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All Women Who Usually Wear Trousers Should Read This Article To Help Themselves And Their Marriages

The controversies about women wearing trousers has been a major topic that create debate for many years now. But with all the debates that have being going on, no one can deny the fact that those women who wear tight trousers that shows sensitive parts of their bodies are tempting to men all over the world today.

It is worth note that even though wearing of trousers may not be wrong in itself, it can never speak well of a Christian woman or lady. As a result of wearing trousers, so many women have become stumbling block for others who are weak. Therefore it is high time that women should rethink over the kind of trousers they wear.

You can bear me witness that old-timed women were elegant and beautiful because they wear long and baggy dresses that cover all the sensitive parts of their bodies. They hardly encounter problems in their marriages. They were so selective in terms of dressing in order to maintain their dignity.

But today reverse is the case because women of nowadays wear tight trousers to show their flesh and shape which tempt men regardless of their marital status. The indecent dressing among women today is one of the major causes of rape, whether you like it or not.

Moreover, according to some researchers women who follow all new modern trends mostly end up frustrated, sad, divorced, drunkers and victims of abortion which can easily lead to death. All the aforementioned things happen in the name of modernization and globalization.

And if you're married you may be forced to cheat on your husband because their is still a good number of men chasing after your sensitive parts that you're showing them when you put on your tight trousers. If nothing is done it can riun your marriage either intentionally or unintentionally.

To crown it all, if you are a married woman dress modestly so that the society in which you're living will know that your are a married which of course would add respect to you, save you from rapists and protect your marriage. And if you're a damsel who is still single save your future by dressing decently so that you will attract a responsible and God fearing man who will marry you.

Improve your dressing to help the world in curtailing the high rate of rape that is bedeviling us today. What's your opinion on this article? 

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