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How to Arrange Your Underwear

If there is a clothing item people have not been fair to, it is underwear. Due to their small sizes, underwear is usually stacked on top of one another. However, you can change this. Arranging your wardrobe gives it fresh air and allows you to get to them quickly, especially when you hurry.

If you don't know how to organize your underwear, this guide will show you.

1. Empty your drawer

It would help if you poured all your underwear out on your bed or a mat. This strategy will also make it easy to sort them individually. 

2. Identify worn out pieces

Gently pick out old, worn out, faded, ripped, or stained underwear that you don't need and set aside.

3. Organize your underwear by type 

All pants should be in one place, all bras, shorts, and swimwear should also be in one place. If you are a man, your briefs and briefs should also be in separate areas.

4. Fold your underwear

Bikini: lay it flat, and fold up the crotch to join the waistband. Then, fold the sides over the middle.

Boxer brief: fold your boxer brief in half and fold the bottom to meet the waist.

Bralette: let the front face down and fold the straps to meet the band. After that, fold each side on top of the other.


- Lay flat, then fold the two sides to face each other.

- Fold the upper part and the down position.

- Keep folding until it forms a square.

5. Put them together

Line your underwear up according to the type. Whether you use a box or drawer, ensure your underwear is in a vertical order.

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