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Mummies, Check Out These 20 Beautifully Designed Ladies Slit And Peplum Tops

Slit and 'Kaba' (Tops) have been worn by Nigerian ladies since the time of our great grandmothers. It is up to us in the forthcoming age to keep wearing and displaying this social outfit. As a lady do you know that this outfit is part of what makes us the real Africans? These outfits are what represent the true Africa.

Most Slit and Top styles get together with this prerequisite, making the style the top choice of numerous Nigerian ladies and an ideal style for chapel gatherings. 

Sometimes, this style was for the most part sewn by our moms with a covering from a similar fabric configuration wrapped starting from the waist to the feet, or folded over a child at the back of the mother. 

Since design is dynamic, the styles are generally sewn in those days are not, at this point in the design. There are recent fads of plans that are more pleasant and progressed contrasted with the bygone day styles. Just take a look at them below.

Content created and supplied by: Fashioneer (via Opera News )

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